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Project Coordinator:

University of Montenegro, Montenegro
Cetinjska br. 2, Podgorica

Contact person:

Prof. dr Danilo Nikolić
University of Montenegro
Maritime Faculty Kotor
Dobrota 36, 85330, Kotor
phone: (+382) 32 303 184



Management Meeting 4 new

17th - 18th November 2016

Management Meeting 4 is the last meeting of the project Consortium planned to be organized within this project year. Working Agenda consists of the implemented project activities in the last project period presented from the aspects of the individual contribution of each Consortium representative. Overall project management, quality control, dissemination and sustainability and administrative topics will also be discussed in details. There will also be presented plan for future project period with specific tasks and responsibilities. Within the meeting it is planned to disseminate other ongoing projects in the sense of inter-project coaching and know-how transfer.
All Consortium partners are invited to participate the meeting.

Albanian partners

24th - 25th October 2016

Representatives from the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport organized Train the Trainer course for training of teaching staff from the University of Montenegro and University "Ismail Qemali" from Vlore who will be directly involved in the training of students and seafarers. Besides gained experiences, improved skills and competences, participants used opportunity to share opinions on the project related topics and other relevant issues.

Albanian partners

14th October 2016

Representatives of the Faculty of Technical Science - University "Ismail Qemali" organized working meeting in Vlore for Albanian project partners. Main objectives of the meeting were presentation of all direct and wider objectives realized for the last three-year implementation period. They emphasized positive results, new study programmes, improved teaching resources, developed Moodle platform, provided simulators for practical exercises and opening of Training Center within the Faculty. Representatives from the Shkodra University "Luigj Guraquki" also participated in the meeting and presented their contribution and achievements.
"Train the Trainer" course at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor

Quality Control Steering Committee Meeting in Constanta

5th September 2016

Working Meeting of the Quality Control Steering Committee was organized on the premises of Constanta Maritime University in Constanta (Romania) aiming to discuss and present all achieved activities from the quality control aspects. Besides regular QC activities main meeting topics were focused on the realized tasks and obtained outcomes. Extension of the project, management and financial questions were presented by the Project Coordinator and Administrator. Participants also considered working plan for 2017 and proposals for next implementation period. All consortium partners participated in the meeting.
Working Meeting - Summary and results of the MArED project for Albanian partners

Working Meeting in Barcelona new

30th June 2016

Working Meeting in Barcelona was organized by the Departament de Cičncia i Enginyeria Nŕutiques of the Universitat Politechnica de Catalynia from Barcelona for the purposes of the successfully closure of the Workpackage 2 which was leaded by the Host institution. Besides that, other ongoing project activities will also be discussed and concluded according to the proposed Agenda.
All consortium partners participate in the meeting.

Dissemination of the MArED project at the MECO Conference

14th June 2016

Team members from the Coordination institution participated in the Montenegrin Embedded Computing Resources Conference organized on 14th June 2016 in Hotel Princess in Bar aiming to:
• Present MArED project to the other participants, stakeholders and wider public and introduce participants with project goals, ideas, achieved results and added values of the project;
• Make new contacts and develop sustainable cooperation with recognized researchers;
• Present positive impacts of the MArED project on the whole Montenegin Society emphasizing national maritime sector;
• Point out future opportunities for the Montenegrin seafarers;
• Emphasize significance of the achieved results from the aspects of the international recognition of the Maritime Faculty in Kotor and Montenegrin seafarers.

Info Day at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor

8th June 2016

Info Day for future students and other stakeholders was organized at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor as a part of promotional activities in order to introduce wider public with educational opportunities and future potentials for graduated students, with the main objectives as follows:
• Presentation of the longlasting tradition in education of seafarers and other maritime human resources;
• Possibilities to gain adequate qualifications, knowledge and practical experience necessary for international competitiveness on maritime labor market;
• Opportunities for graduated students to find job and creating their career;
• Introducing the students to the scientific and research area of the academic staff, specifically emphasizing current projects at the Faculty including MArED project;
• Raising awareness to the main project objectives, gained results and developed outcomes;
• Introducing future students with educational equipment used in lectures, laboratories and simulator rooms for practical work and computer and class rooms and amphitheatre etc;
• Discussion with project team members, academic staff members and ongoing students in order to get an overall impression.

Coordination Meeting in Split

25th April 2016

Coordination Meeting in Split was organized by the Faculty of Maritime Studies from Split for the purposes of the review of implemented activities regarding Workpackage 4, 7 and 9. Host representatives and Coordinator and Administrator presented finished activities, quality related issues and plans and administrative and management schedule and tasks with special attention on the extension of the project lifetime.
All consortium partners participated in the meeting.

Working Meeting 8

12th April 2016

Working Meeting 8 was organized on the premises of Coordinator at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor aiming to discuss all the finished tasks dealing with development activities and quality of achieved results with the industrial parnter institutions from Montenegro. Coordinator and Administrator of the Project on behalf of the Host institution presented current situation and future plans. Second part of the meeting was anticipated for the quality, sustainability and management issues.

Management Meeting 10

1st March 2016

Working Meeting 10 was organized in Portoroz by the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport for the purposes of the implementation of WP4. Host and Lead partner ULFPP presented finished activities and future plans in order to implement this workpackage successfully. Second part of the meeting was anticipated for the administrative and management topics.
All consortium partners were participated.

Management Meeting 3

11th December 2015

The final annual meeting was organized in the Split (Croatia) by the University of Split (Faculty for Maritime Studies). The meeting concept includes four sessions for the project Boards representatives. The main project plans, issues and questions were discussed and agreed. The annual report results, budget specifications and expenditures, documentation, implemented activities and achieved outcomes, delays and modifications regarding workplan.
The conclusion of the meeting was "great success compared to the initial state both for PC and EU partners" and "great plans for the last project year and future cooperation on some other projects.

Study visits 3 and 4

21st and 22nd October 2015

The Study visit 3 was oranized in Kotor (Montenegro) by the Coordinator and Study visit 4 meeting was held in Vlore (Albania) by the University of Vlore. The meetings were organized aiming to discuss workplan for the WP4 implementation and presenting activities and foreseen outcomes. The Lead partner proposed working phases and deadlines. Also, the EU maritime academic partners agreed upon the IMO model courses to be accredited by the UoM and UV. The Reports shall be finished until the end of the second project year.

Coordination Meeting

20th May 2015

The project Coordination Meeting was organized at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Portorož. The main aim was to discuss current project activities including the preparation of Interim report. The representatives from the host institution as well as UoM and UPC representatives presented achieved results and future project activities.

MOOC/Shooting activities

18th - 22nd May 2015

Second implementation phase of the deliverable 2.5 Preparing e-teaching materials started up on 18th May 2015 at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor. Representatives from the Karl-Franzens-Universitat from Graz will make shooting of practical exercises performed on the simulators. The video materials will be a part of teaching materials used for education of students at the University of Montenegro and University of Vlore.

Meeting of the MArED Industrial Partners

17th - 18th March 2015

Meeting of the project industrial representatives from Montenegro and Albania was held at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor on 17th and 18th March 2015. The main topics of the Agenda were review of the EU Revision Report, discussion about the Implementation plan for the next period and exchange of experiences among partners regarding administrative and management issues.

E-Learning Workshops

24th - 26th February 2015

Three-day course for the Moodle platform usage will be held at the Maritime Faculty Kotor within the project activity 2.5. The moderator of the workshops is PhD Elke Lackner from the Karl-Franzens-Universitat from Graz. The participants are the representatives of the Partner Country HEIs.

Management Meeting 2

10th December 2014, Albania

Final Consortium meeting within the first project year is organized at the Economic Faculty of the Shkodra University. All the project boards are planned to organize sessions in order to present the implemented activities and achieved outcomes.

Training of teaching staff

24th - 28th November 2014, Barcelona

According to the Workpackage 2. training of the teaching staff from the Partner Country HEIs at the Nautical Faculty of UPC in Barcelona. The main objectives are to introduce the participants with the teaching process, teaching aids and the ways of examining students. The participants will also visit the Planetarium, Nautical simulator, DP simulator, Oil cargo simulator as well as at Mechanical workshop.

Global Ports Holding

17th October 2014, Kotor

The leading Turkish ports operator with expanding presence in the world, The Global Ports Holding, will give a presentation and organize interviews for recruiting high-quality maritime staff at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor.

Princess Cruises Company

14th - 15th October 2014, Kotor

One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises Company, became one of the most important industrial partners of the Maritime Faculty Kotor in 2014. As the result of this cooperation, Princess Cruises organized a two-day recruitment programme for the graduated students of the Maritime Faculty and other interested Montenegrin seafarers.

Representatives of the Maritime Faculty Kotor

19th September 2014, Kotor

The representatives of the Maritime Faculty Kotor promoted the MArED project at the main parking area in Kotor, in the immediate vicinity of the Old Town and Port of Kotor. The Parking Day was organized by NGO Expeditio on 19th September aiming to promote the project idea and its main objectives, as well as to enable the students perform their professional skills.

Working Meeting 4

17td September 2014, Barcelona, Spain

This Working Meeting was organized at the host institution Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya - Nautical Faculty in Barcelona (Spain).
This Meeting is organized as the final working meeting within Workpackage 1 - Revision of the existing and development of the new study programmes, where the PCs Universities present implemented project activities and achieved outcomes. Furthermore, the future project activities and responsibilities of the all project partners are presented by the Project Coordinator.
All Consortium members representatives are participating at the Meeting.

Working Meeting 3

3rd July 2014, Vlore, Albania

This working meeting is organized in Hotel Partner (Vlore, Albania). University of Vlore is the host institution and academic partners from Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania and Spain are participating.

3rd Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing, MECO 2014

15/06/2014 - 19/06/2014, Budva, Montenegro

It is an International Scientific Forum aimed to present and discuss the leading achievements in the modeling, analysis, design, validation and application of embedded computing systems. The third day of the Conference is predicted for dissemination of projects, including MArED Tempus project

Representatives of Martiime Faculty Kotor


The representatives of the Maritime Faculty Kotor successfully implemented one month promotional programme which anticipated visits to the high-schools from Montenegro and surrounding countries.

Working Meeting 2 is organized in Solin (Croatia)


Working Meeting 2 is organized in Solin (Croatia). Faculty of Maritime Studies from Split, as the lead partner on Workpackage 1, is the host institution. Academic partners from Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia and Spain are participating at the meeting.

Minutes of the Kick-off Meeting


Minutes of the Kick-off Meeting

Project Kick-Off Meeting was organized on 21st-22st of February 2014 in Kotor (Montenegro)


Representatives of the project PC and EU partner institutions (from Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Spain) participated in the Meeting.
Presentation Prof. dr Danilo Nikolic - General Overview of Project

Video 1 Video 2

Project Kick-Off Meeting

21/02 - 22/02/2014

Day one: Hotel Cattaro
Day two: Maritime faculty Kotor

Kick-off Meeting Agenda

Tempus Project Representatives Meeting in Brussels.

10/02 - 11/02/2014

Grand Agreement was signed by the Legal Representatives of the Project Coordinator and the Educational, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency on 09/12/2014.


Project started-up on 01/12/2013 and shall end on 30/11/2016.






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